Types Of Locks

Different Types of Door Lock- Strengthen your security

A lock is an object that has been designed either mechanically or electronically to securely fasten an object closed.  This mechanism is normally opened by a matching key or electronic device such as a keypad or the recognition of a fingerprint.  The first lock appeared to be made of wood about 4000 years ago in Egypt.  Since then with the use of technology the locks have enhanced into a modern form of security.  There are many different types of locks that are used today, some of which are similar to the earlier styles and some that are a total new design.  There are locks for your home or office, your safety deposit box, automobile locks, and a variety of different pad locks to lock most anything with some type of a latch.


Padlocks are used to secure a door or a something with the use of a latch.  These locks are designed to be opened with a key or a combination.  These locks are not considered to be permanent and can be removed with the use of their unlocking device.  Some of these locks can be easily opened by picking them while others are designed to be more secure and are not as easily opened without their key or combination.  Some of these locks can be easily cut with a pair of bolt cutters, but one of the designs has made it nearly impossible to get bolt cutters onto the lock.  This lock was designed by bringing the body of the lock up with only a small piece of it that slides open and closed, not leaving enough room to get a cutting device to the moving part.

DeadboltsTypes Of Locks

Deadbolt locks are mainly used on external doors.  These locks add extra security to your doors.  The single cylinders are the most common that are used in homes.  They require a key to open them from the outside, but from the inside can use a thumb turn knob to lock and unlock the door. There are also double cylinder deadbolt locks that require a key to lock and unlock the door from both the inside and the outside.  This type is not used often in residential settings because of safety issues.  If a fast exit is needed and the door is locked, someone has to have a key to get it open.  This can take valuable time in case of a fire or other emergency.

Knob Locks

Knob locks are normally used on exterior doors in conjunction with the deadbolt locks.  These locks by themselves appear to be less than adequate to secure an outside door.  These locks are installed inside of your doorknob and can be locked and unlocked on the inside by turning the thumb turn.  On the outside a key must be used to lock or unlock it.  The biggest security issue with relying on this alone on the exterior door is that it is attached to the door knob and can be easily knocked off with a hammer or other device.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are used on many different residential or commercial exterior doors.  They are sometimes built inside of the door when they are manufactured.  Another cylinder type lock is inserted inside of it, that is operated by a type of latch, many times this latch is operated by a door handle.  This lock can be installed at home by someone with a wood working knowledge.  These locks must be a precise fit and have proven that not everyone has the ability to install them securely.  This type of locking device has been determined to be one of the more secure types of locking devices.