Transponder Key

Transponder Key programming Locksmith Charlotte NC

Did you lose your automotive keys? Did your vehicle keys get stolen? Did other locksmiths say that they may not be able to help you because it is a transponder? We specialize in all types of locksmith services including transponder key reprogramming. Call us and our expert technicians reach you within 30 minutes. As we are located locally we can reach you within minutes of receiving your distress call.

The automobile industry has seen big changes in recent times with the introduction of the transponder key. In this a microchip is placed at the head of the key and it acts as a transmitter and receiver. The electronic chip has a permanent memory and you can use it to automatically unlock the car doors, trunk and to start the car. Press a single button to gain access to your car.

Although the keys are sturdy, they may break if you handle them in a rough manner. They may break and get struck in the ignition. In such a scenario, it is always best to call for professional help. Avoid trying to remove the broken keys on your own as you may further damage the lock system and this can be expensive to fix. The broken pieces need to be removed carefully so that they do not damage the interior or exterior of your vehicle.

Technicians – Licensed and bonded specialists

All our technicians are licensed and bonded and this ensures that you get the best quality service whenever you hire them. They carry advanced equipment in their mobile vans and this enables them to complete the transponder keyTransponder Key programming

reprogramming within minutes. If the key is not programmed properly, you may not be able to use it and it may also compromise the security of your vehicle.

Technology keeps changing rapidly and this involves locks, ignitions, keys and other security related devices pertaining to your car. It is important that the technicians are trained in the latest technological advancements so that they are able to fix any type of locksmith problem in an efficient manner.

Car key programming

Breaking or losing your car keys is not uncommon. Each time you lose your automobile keys, you do not have to contact your car dealer to get a new set of keys. One of the important things that you need to know is that the dealer may not be able to get you a new set of keys immediately and you may have to wait for at least a week.

In most emergency situations, you may need access to your car keys immediately and this may not be possible if you contact the dealer. You may also have to tow the vehicle to the garage of the dealer and this can be time consuming and costly. When you call us we reach the specified destination within minutes and get the key reprogrammed even as you wait.

The key needs to be programmed correctly so that you are able to access the doors, trunk and ignition of the car easily with just a push of a button. If it is not programmed properly, it may not be able to prevent theft. It is always advisable to get a spare key programmed so that you may be able to use it in case of an emergency.

The technicians working with us can do transponder key programming for any type and model of car. So if you ever need any type of locksmith service at any time of the day or night, you can choose to call us and we will be of assistance immediately. Our services are available on all days including weekends and holidays.