Summer Vehicle Break-Ins

Summer Vehicle Break-Ins

The summer has come back with a bang and so have the thieves waiting for the warm weather to make a killing stealing things from cars and vehicles. If you are among those car owners that leave their valuables inside with the windows down and doors open, you are asking for trouble.

A cracked window is the door that the burglar may be waiting for to steal valuables from your vehicle and if you present them with such an opportunity they may gladly oblige you. When you are a victim of such break-ins, it can be quite frustrating but if you look at the entire sequence of events you may find that you are much to blame for the theft.

You were robbed because you were not careful and did not pay much attention to the security of your vehicle. Summer time makes you really vulnerable to such theft. The hot weather makes the car or any other vehicle hot and it can be tough to just walk-in, sit and drive away.

The summer heat makes sitting inside the car an ordeal and most car owners tend to roll down the windows and keep them open to beat the heat. The breeze does cool down the temperature inside the car but it also provides a perfect Summer Vehicle Break-Ins opportunity for theft.

If you have valuables inside the car, you need to ensure that they are safe before you start rolling down the windows to beat the heat. A few simple steps can go a long way in ensuring that you are not the next victim of car valuables theft.

  • Before you get out of the car look around to see if there are any valuables left in the front or back seats. If you see anything just lying around, you can be more than certain that the burglar may also have an eye on it. This is an open invitation for theft and it is advisable that you secure the valuable before you step out.
  • If you cannot carry the valuable with you, it is best to keep it locked in the trunk or glove box. This ensures that it is safe from the prying eyes of the burglar.
  • Avoid leaving things like lighters and other similar items inside the car. They may just explode due to the hot temperature in summer.
  • If you want to beat the summer heat, you can choose to tint the car window glasses. The tint not just stops the hot rays of the sun from burning you but can also reduce visibility for the burglar. What cannot be seen cannot be stolen.
  • When you get inside the car, you should always check the back seat for any intruders. If you see anyone inside you can raise an alarm and call for assistance.
  • The keys to your vehicle should never be left inside. Most car owners have the habit of keeping keys under the seat and such a practice is best avoided.
  • Always park under a light when you are parking in the night. This enables you to see the inside of the car as you walk towards it.
  • If you have to work after dark on certain days, get to work early so that you can choose your parking spot. Park your vehicle close so that you do not have to walk a long way back to get access to the car.

If you have been a victim of theft from your car, you can seek professional help to avoid such a scenario from repeating itself. Reputed locksmiths may be able to ensure that the doors and windows of your car are locked using advanced car lock systems. The advanced lock systems are not easy to pick and this can help prevent any kind of theft.