Summer Security Tips

Summer Security Tips

The hot, hot summer is back again! The hot summer makes you sweat hard and you may become a bit complacent when it comes to securing your home, office and vehicle. Smart burglars are always looking for opportunities to move in and take complete advantage of the laxity in security.

Let me provide you some examples where the burglars had managed to hoodwink the people staying in the home and burgled things of value without anyone becoming aware of the theft for some time. In one such example of summer burglary the burglar entered the home through the unlocked front door even as the occupants of the home were busy having fun in the backyard.

You may be surprised to know that in a large number of break-ins that happen in the summer, the burglar manages to gain entry to a building or home through doors and windows that are kept unlocked to escape the sweltering heat. Most burglars choose to enter from the rear entrance of the property.

You do not have to panic as there are several ways that you can ensure the safety and security of your family and your valuables.

  • Do you want to make a quick run to the supermarket? Never leave the door unlocked. You may be surprised to know that a lot of unfamiliar people that you see wandering the streets or lurking around with no purpose may actually be on the lookout for such lapse of security and they may not fail to take advantage of this.


Ensure that all the doors and windows are securely closed when you go out of your house. A simple wind chime at the door can alert you if there is an intruder trying to gain entry into the home.Summer Security Tips


  • During the hot summer nights most people tend to keep the windows and door open, so that the fresh air can keep the temperature down and help them sleep peacefully. This can also help save on the power bills. Fit a window stop so that there is very little place for any intruder to enter the house.


A small hole drilled 8 – 10 inches above the closed window with any object inserted in it is a simple but effective way to prevent the window from been opened further. All that you need to do is to insert a metal peg or nail in the hole and this can be a great security feature.


  • Valuables should not be kept open or near reach to open doors and windows. Always keep them locked in a safe and secure place.


  • If you are having fun time in the backyard with family and friends, remember to lock all the doors and windows in the front. It is advisable to close the garage too as intruders can make use of it to gain entry to the house.


Burglars and intruders are always looking for opportunities and if you make the mistake of keeping the garage door or windows open they may immediately gain an entry into the house and get away with valuables.


  • Light up your property with motion lights. The new LED lights are bright and this can put the burglar in the spotlight.


  • Never advertise that you are going on a vacation. Most homeowners make the mistake of announcing the vacation dates on social media sites and this is an open invitation that burglars are looking forward to and they make use of this information to strike at the right moment.


  • Always ensure that the locks on doors and windows are in good working condition. Seek professional help if you want the locks to be repaired or rekeyed for better security.