Protect Your Smart Key With A Key Fob Holder

How To Protect Your Smart Key With A Key Fob Holder

A smart key gives an auto owner access to their vehicle without the use of a flat key.  It is computerized and works in conjunction with the vehicle’s computer system.  Most key fobs have a lock and unlock button so that the owner can lock and unlock the doors without having to insert the flat key.  Most are also designed with a panic button in case of emergency that will make the autos horn beep and the lights flash on and off.  Some offer the owner the ability to start their auto with only a push of a button, accessing all of the cars systems just like with the flat key.

Protecting Your Key Fob

It is needless to say that these smart keys are more expensive to replace than flat keys.  They must be protected to avoid damage and expense to the owner.  Smart keys can be damaged from static electricity, being dropped and broken or damaged, getting a liquid spilled on them or getting wet in the rain.  They can get scratched or just worn from the use of being carried on a key chain or in someone’s pocket.  Depending upon the damage that has been done, these may not work properly and could create a problem when trying to start your vehicle.  It is highly recommended to make sure your smart key is protected by a key fob holder.

Selecting Your Fob Holder

There is a huge variety of key fob holders to choose from and sure to be one designed for your particular smart key or key fob for your vehicle.  Many protectors are made from silicone rubber or leather.  They will have the imprints of the buttons for your particular key fob.  It is important to make a match for your fob so that all of your buttons match the imprints on the covers.  There are some that are designed so that your key fob will swivel in and out of its cover so that you have access to the actual buttons for your keyless entry. Protect Your Smart Key With A Key Fob Holder

Customizing A Perfect Fit

Many of the more expensive cars will offer customized covers so that you can change the colors.  They will customize an exact fit with these covers for your key fob so your buttons all match perfectly.  A properly fitted key fob, can help to prevent accidental pressing of buttons and static electricity that can cause permanent damage.  It will protect your fob against normal wear and tear and offer some padding if your fob is dropped, to help protect from breakage.  Not only will it add protection but can also add to the decor of your vehicle to match most any style or color.

Making Your Purchase

With the importance of a key fob, the added expense of purchasing a properly fitting protector is nothing compared to the expense of replacing a damaged key fob.  There are many protectors that can be purchased at an inexpensive price.  Of course it is going to depend upon the type of auto that you have and finding the right one to fit your key fob.  These holders can be purchased online or if they are customized can be specially ordered.  There are also brick and mortar business such as auto part places that will carry these holders.  Check with businesses that makes smart keys and see if they also offer the holders to protect your new purchase.  It is less expensive to protect your key fob than to have to replace it because it has gotten damaged.