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PAL saves kids program Charlotte NC

What do you do when you realize that you have accidentally locked your kid in the car (or a pet) ? We see such scenarios happen often on TV but when you are faced with such a situation, you not just panic but become downright frightened and start thinking of the worst things that can happen. It does not take long for such situations to go out of hand and you may have come across news of kid’s death that happened due to a car lockout.

The situation becomes grimmer if it is a hot summer day and your kid is not old enough to unlock the car door on its own. Most times parents make the mistake of handing the car keys to the kids to play with or accidentally throw it on the front seat as they are removing or putting things in the car.

You may be surprised to know that even the most attentive parents tend to commit this mistake. Depending on the weather conditions prevalent on the day a kid may get severe heat stroke and this can cause considerable health problems if not attended immediately.

When faced with such a situation call 911 first and then us! or ask for assistance from people nearby. We will make it our top priority to get to the scene to unlock the vehicle for you!

Tips to follow if you accidentally lock your kid in the car:

Stay Calm – One of the first things that you need to do when faced with such a situation is to stay calm and focused. Our kids take cue from us and when we start panicking they react in a similar manner and this can worsen the situation within minutes.

Avoid upsetting the kid and behave as normal as possible. If the kid sees you handling the situation in a calm manner, it may react similarly and may not start crying.PAL saves kids program Charlotte NC

Call 911 or Locksmith – It is advisable to call 911 immediately. You can also choose to call to the Locksmith at the same time for assistance. Emergency locksmith service providers understand why you had called and may rush to your assistance immediately.

You do not have to feel embarrassed if you have already got the door open by any other means before their arrival. The locksmiths have seen too many situations like this to understand what you did. You do not have to apologize to them for wasting their time as they know getting to the kid was your top priority.

Cover Windows of CarThe temperature inside the car can rise quickly in the summer heat and it is advisable to cover the windows with blankets or any other material you can find till help arrives. This can prevent the heat from becoming unbearable inside the car.

Communicate with the kid – Keeping smiling and communicating with the kid so that they do not panic in such a situation. If you feel that the kid is getting distressed or feeling fatigue or unable to communicate properly, you can break down a car window to gain immediate access. Ensure that the window you break is farthest from the kid.

The emergency locksmith services are available 24/7, 365 days a year including holidays as we understand that such situations can occur anytime and anywhere. We have been giving top priority to rescuing kids locked out in the car and this has enabled us to save hundreds of innocent kids from any kind of harm. The program that we have started has helped educate parents about the safeguards to be followed when facing a car lockout situation with kids.