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Car Locksmith Monroe NC – 24 Auto Key Replacement 

Car locksmith Monroe NC is here to handle all your automobile locksmith needs. If you need a locksmith in Monroe, NC, our experienced and trained technicians is always on call and our services include emergency lockout service 24/7, rekeying, repairing and replacing locks, unlock glove boxes and car trunks, repair and replace ignition, programming transponder keys, broken key extraction and much more.  As our technicians are fully bonded, insured and licensed, you can rely on us for all your needs when it comes to locks and keys. It is best to avoid cheap locksmith companies as they may not have a good team of trained technicians on their rolls.

Broken keys removed

Car keys are made to last but if they are used in a rough manner they tend to break and get struck in the ignition or door. Most car owners make the mistake of trying to remove the keys on their own. This can be a big mistake as the broken keys tend to get deeper when you push to remove them. When pushed deep in the ignition they have the potential to damage the entire lock system and this can be expensive to fix. It is best to contact trained locksmiths to get broken keys removed, as they have the necessary tools and equipment to remove the broken pieces without causing any type of damage to the car. Car locksmith Monroe NC has expert locksmiths that are trained in different types of Car Locksmith Monroe NCcar lock systems and this enables them to fix any type of locksmith problem with ease.

Duplicate chip keys

Programming of transponder keys involves placing a microchip at the top of the key. A unique serial number is placed on the microchip. This is specifically designed for each key. The car may not start if it does not confirm and recognize the serial number. The validation of the serial number is done by engine control units. A request is sent to the vehicle for such validation.

The advanced transponder keys make it difficult to steal the cars and they are considered theft proof. It is advisable to have two sets of transponder keys when you buy the car, so that you may use the spare key when the original keys are lost, stolen or broken. In most emergency situations you may not have the spare key on hand and have to contact the locksmith to get duplicate chip keys so that you are able to access your car. This is especially true if you are driving in the night and are far away from home.

It is not necessary to contact the dealer to get a new set of keys. Most dealers tend to charge a high price for the duplicate keys and you may have to wait a couple of days or week to get access to them. When faced with an emergency situation, you may not have the luxury of waiting endlessly for the new keys. In some circumstances it is best to contact us so that we can program you the duplicate keys within minutes. Our trained technicians have advanced tools and equipment that enables them to program the transponder keys to work perfectly with your model of car.

Car locksmith Monroe NC has built a great reputation by providing customers the highest level of customer service at affordable prices. We take immense pride in offering the full range of automotive locksmith services. As we are located locally, you can trust us to provide roadside assistance in a timely fashion at reasonable prices. We operate a mobile locksmith unit that means that we always come to your location and provide the necessary service in an efficient manner.