how modern car keys work

how modern car keys work?

When you have locked your keys in your vehicle or have lost them and are in the Charlotte area there is a mobile locksmith that can help you remedy your problem.  This has happened to many of us at one point of time or another.  Without your car keys there is very little that you can do with your vehicle.  Opening the door is not as simple as it use to be.  With the older vehicles, a coat hanger would normally get us inside at least.  With the technology of today, this technique is a total waste of time and effort and will not work on our vehicles.  A locksmith is about the only way that we can regain access to our cars.

Technology Has Changed Our Keys

Car keys and locks are not as simple as they use to be.  Today there are a variety of different ways to access your vehicle and its operating system.  A flat key that is cut to fit your door or ignition may not be just a flat key.  There are flat keys with chips and those that are coded and as you insert your key, the code is read before your vehicle will respond.  If you lose your key to a vehicle with a key that has been chipped or coded, you will have to call a professional Locksmith in Charlotte NC that can handle the job of getting you access to get back inside your vehicle.  Even though it can be quite costly, it would be wise to make sure that you always have a second key for your vehicle that you can carry in your wallet or somewhere for easy access, just in case your key gets misplaced or locked inside.

Keyless Entries

Many vehicles today use what is called a key fob or a remote access or keyless entry.  This device has been designed with a chip and a transmitter.  With this controller it is easy to push a button and lock your vehicle.  Another button will unlock your vehicle doors.  Most also have an alarm button or a panic button in case of emergency.  Once you press this button, your horn will sound and your lights will flash.  One of the biggest security risks with this type of door how modern car keys worklock and unlocking system is that there are radio waves that can pick up your code, so that thieves can gain access to your vehicle.   With most newer vehicles, the thief will be able to get inside of your vehicle, but will not be able to start or drive off in it without further equipment.

Chipped or Coded Keys

Most ignitions must have the key inserted and your vehicle must be able to read the chip inside of the key in order for it to respond.  Without this chip some vehicles will not respond so starting them is next to impossible.  Once your vehicle reads the chip inside of the key, it will start allowing the rest of its operating systems to work.  Most vehicles have an accessory setting on their ignition, allowing someone who is waiting in their vehicle to just turn the radio on without having to start the vehicle.  The newer the vehicle, the smarter the technology has become.  There are vehicles that you can start the ignition and drive away, with just the push of a button as long as the key is within a certain range.  This can be a great safety feature, because once the vehicle gets out of the range of the key chip, the engine will automatically shut down, leaving the suspected thief stranded.