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Locksmith Charlotte, NC File Cabinets & Desk Locks Installation and Repairs

File cabinets desk locks protect your most valuable documents and files. As you store and keep your most valuable documents in them, you need to ensure that the cabinet locks perform properly. File cabinet come in different shapes and sizes and you can make the choice depending on your specific requirement.

Most file cabinets are designed in such a way that they can be locked without a key and this is what makes them prone to getting locked accidently. The biggest advantage of having locks on file cabinets is security. Cabinet locks are not just used in offices but in homes too. This enables homeowners to keep their important documents in a safe and secure manner.

Types of File Cabinets Desk Locks

File cabinets are available in two different types:

  • Key BasedFile Cabinets & Desk Locks
  • Key Less

It is advisable to choose a file cabinet that offers the best security and access control.

Key Based Cabinet Desk Locks

Pin tumbler is one type of key based file cabinet lock. This lock comes with varying lengths of pins on the inner side. The other type of key based lock is the tubular tumbler. It comes with horizontal pins.

Cam lock is another type that can be opened and closed using a key. It comes with an added plunger lock and only requires a key for opening. When you need to lock the cabinet, all that you need to do is to push the cylinder. Home owners can choose to install padlocks for additional security.

Key Less Cabinet Desk Locks

The key less cabinet locks make use of access control systems and other types of electronic locking system. They are available in different models, shapes and designs. Electric operated locking devices are also available for file cabinets. The electric operated device is operated by an actuator, electronic module, a lifting pin and rotating pin. This offers high level of security to anything that is kept inside the file cabinet.

Some types of key less cabinet desk locks make use of electronic locking system. A code that is generated by the access control system is allotted to an employee and only they are authorised to open the file cabinet. Such locks can also be opened using a handheld radio transmitter.

The keyless cabinet locks usually relock on lapse of time that has been set and are monitored by a LED device. They come with a manual so that you are aware of the operating mechanism. An emergency opening feature is available in all types of key less locks so that you can open them easily if the control transmitter is lost.

A unique coded locking mechanism is also used by some keyless cabinet locks. You can have two different passwords for two different users. This can help monitor the date and time when the file cabinet was accessed. This ensures that no one without authorization will be able to access the important files and documents.


Broken File Cabinet Keys

File cabinet keys are also prone to break and at times they may break inside the lock. Avoid trying to remove the broken pieces of the key from inside the lock system on your own as you may only manage to push it further back inside. Expert locksmith technicians have several techniques that they use to extract the broken key pieces without damaging the lock system.

Rekeying File Cabinet Locks

When storing confidential files and documents in file cabinets, you need to be aware of who has access to the keys. If people who had access to the keys leave the job, it is advisable to get the file cabinets rekeyed.

Always choose only reputed locksmith services for any type of file cabinets desks locks installation and repairs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.