Deadbolt Installation

Deadbolt Locks Help Keep Your Home Secure

A deadbolt lock is one of the most common locks found on many homes.  This lock works in combination with the knob lock that is installed inside of the door knob.  The knob locks by themselves are not considered to be secure and are easy to get past for a would be thief.  The dead bolt lock is designed with a spring bolt type of lock that can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder, normally with a key or device that is designed for that particular lock.  The most common deadbolt lock on a home entry door is the single cylinder deadbolt.  This type of lock is designed to only be opened from the outside with a key, but can be opened from the inside with a turn knob.

Many To Choose From

There are various other types of deadbolt locks, that are used commercially, that must be locked and unlocked from both sides with the use of a key.  This type is not normally recommended on a entry door of a home.  This could create a security risk for the residents that are trying to get outside in case of a fire or other emergency.  The occupants must have a key to open their door from the inside and it is easy to misplace a key.  Taking the time to look around and find the key when your home is on fire, could cost a home owner their life.  If you happen to have this type of deadbolt on your home, make sure that there is a key attached to a hook near the lock so that the key is never removed.

Things To Consider

As you are installing your deadbolt lock, keep in mind that if there is a window nearby, that a thief could break the glass and reach inside and turn the knob on the inside.  This is where you will have to consider several things.  How safe is your neighborhood?  Would a double cylinder deadbolt work for your household?  If you choose to go with the double cylinder, make sure everyone understands that the key should never be moved far from the door.  Make sure you attach the key out of the reach of a would be thief through the window, but on a string or something that will allow your family to use it on the lock without taking it from its hook.Deadbolt Locks Help Keep Your Home Secure

Making the Best Choice

As long as you know which lock will secure your door and keep your home safe, the right choice would be to choose what works best for your family.  Not every family will make the same choice.  Unless there is a window on or by the door, most home owners will choose the single cylinder lock to protect their home and their families.  This type of lock seems to work best for the average family.  There is no worry of getting locked inside of the house and not being able to get out because someone misplaced the key.

There are many different brands and makes of these locks.  Please check for reviews and know the quality of the lock that you are purchasing.  You can find many reviews online, for any given product.  These are mainly completed by customers that have the item that you are considering. If you go to an actual hardware store, the associate that works in that area should have some advice to offer you.  If you are installing these locks yourself, make sure that the instillation is done properly.  If you are hiring a locksmith to install these locks, ask him for his recommendation of the best quality lock to protect your family.