Chip Car Keys

Chip Car Keys – Locksmith Charlotte North Carolina 

Most of us have the uncanny habit of losing our car keys at the most inappropriate of times. Replacing chip car keys is not as simple as getting a new key to match the ignition. If the chip keys do not match the make and model of the vehicle, then the vehicle may not start. You may require professionals from reputed locksmith services to ensure that the keys function properly and you are able to start the vehicle.

Transponder Keys

One of the biggest change that the automobile industry has seen in recent times is the introduction of transponder keys. In this system a microchip is placed in the head of the key. This has a miniature transmitter and receiver. The engine management system recognizes the signals that emit from the key and this is used to lock and unlock the car and to start the ignition. The engine may not start if the transponder keys are broken or damaged in any manner.

How the electronic microchip work?

The electronic microchip has a permanent memory and contains an electronic code. The transponder keys have an antenna and these emit a signal that communicates with the external electronic control device. The transponder receives signals and then transmits it by electronic code to the control device that processes the code.

The smart chip car keys enable you to keep the key fob in the pocket as you lock, unlock and start the vehicle. Using the smart key system, the vehicle gets automatically unlocked when you press the door handle or trunk release or Chip Car Keys  Locksmith Charlotte North Carolina when an exterior button is pressed.

Although it is always advisable to have a spare set of keys kept safely, you may be surprised to know that most people tend to misplace these keys too. Keep a set of spare keys in a safe and secure place so that you can make use of them in case of a car lockout or when you lose your vehicle keys or get them stolen.

Choose reputed locksmith services

The next time you lose your transponder keys due to any reason, you need not panic. All that you need to do is to call reputed locksmith service providers so that they are able to replace the keys immediately and enable you to get back on the road.

You do not have to contact dealers for replacement of transponder keys. Dealers charge a huge margin to provide duplicate keys. Apart from this you may also have to tow the vehicle to their location and wait for a couple of days before you get a new set of keys. You can easily avoid this when you choose the best locksmith service in the city.

It is always best to choose locksmith services with many years of experience in this trade. The expert locksmiths have experience and extensive training to fix all kinds of lock system including the most advanced ones. Avoid choosing inexperienced locksmith service providers as they may not be fully equipped to repair advanced car lock systems.

Choose locksmiths that provide 24 hours’ service as you never know when you may need their services. Emergencies tend to happen at the most inappropriate of times and you may require their service at the middle of the night. Reputed locksmith service providers have 24/7 mobile units that are dispatched immediately after receiving a call from a customer.

These mobile units are fully equipped with the latest equipment and tools required to repair or replace the transponder keys. A new set of chip car keys are made even as the customer waits for a few minutes. The quick response time and service ensures the safety and comfort of the customer.